Green Pastures – or the Trash Heap?

Imagine the scene. The sunshine is glorious as you lie in the grass, shaded by the overhanging boughs of a tree. Up above, the sky is a magnificent shade of blue with not a single wisp of cloud on the horizon. Close by you can see a small brook, and the gentle, rhythmic murmur ofContinue reading “Green Pastures – or the Trash Heap?”

What great advice has helped shape your leadership?

“What advice resonated most with you when you started out in a leadership role?” This was a question that a colleague recently asked me as we discussed leadership growth. Over the past 25 years, I have worked with many different leaders and have learned from each of them, receiving a lot of wise counsel along theContinue reading “What great advice has helped shape your leadership?”

Hope amid suffering in Myanmar

The atmosphere in the city’s slum is stifling. Bouts of heavy rainfall have left the streets – and many of the houses – waterlogged or flooded, yet between the downpours the temperatures and humidity rise steadily and the air soon becomes oppressive. But there is a greater sense of heaviness, ominous and menacing, that lingersContinue reading “Hope amid suffering in Myanmar”