How will they know…?

I wonder if the disciples even managed to find time to catch their breath in the days following Jesus’ ascension. The opening chapters of Acts provide something of a roller coaster narrative as the Holy Spirit makes his sudden, powerful appearance, paving the way for Peter to declare the gospel message to crowds of people,Continue reading “How will they know…?”

Pray for the world’s most vulnerable as coronavirus spreads

As sickness spreads, as the death toll rises, and as the length of stay-at-home orders are extended, anxiety and fear about the coronavirus pandemic continue to grow. Could this situation really get any worse? Tragically, the simple answer to this question is a resounding “yes”. The number of cases is beginning to rise in Africa.Continue reading “Pray for the world’s most vulnerable as coronavirus spreads”

What are you grateful for today?

“Everything looks hopeless these days”. The young man being interviewed on the television news grimaced and shrugged his shoulders. “When is it all going to end?” he mused. As a pandemic sweeps the world, as friends and relatives fight for their lives, as the death toll rises, as businesses and nonprofits collapse, as people loseContinue reading “What are you grateful for today?”

Expecting the Unexpected

Sometimes God appears to us in unexpected ways, at unexpected times, giving us unexpected tasks that yield unexpected results. Imagine the scene. Dawn is just beginning to appear on the horizon. The darkness is fading as the fishing boat drifts closer towards the shoreline. I imagine that it was fairly quiet on that boat. ThereContinue reading “Expecting the Unexpected”

Recovering from the avalanche

Have you ever felt as though your life is out of control? As if suddenly, unexpectedly, violently, you have been hit by an avalanche that swept you away, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, you could do about it? It might be the result of losing a loved one. A cherished relationship that went wrong.Continue reading “Recovering from the avalanche”

Green Pastures – or the Trash Heap?

Imagine the scene. The sunshine is glorious as you lie in the grass, shaded by the overhanging boughs of a tree. Up above, the sky is a magnificent shade of blue with not a single wisp of cloud on the horizon. Close by you can see a small brook, and the gentle, rhythmic murmur ofContinue reading “Green Pastures – or the Trash Heap?”