Looking for God’s fingerprints

Life is full of disappointments. Relationships that we cherish flounder. We experience unexpected loss, and struggle with the grief that goes with it. We may have had great hopes that are dashed or plans that fail despite our best efforts. Our fragile bodies and minds become sick. We live in a world where there is profound brokenness, tragedy, suffering and death.

And amidst the suffering, God is at work – and he is loving, steadfast and faithful. Always.

Yet so often we forget this truth as we wrestle with circumstances and problems directly in front of us.

Let’s take time today to look beyond our current circumstances and what we can see through our own eyes. May we allow the Lord to open the “eyes of our hearts” to see and experience those ways in which he is at work on our behalf – in our own lives and situations, in the church, in our communities, and in the wider world. May we remember the constant faithfulness he has shown us in the past, and the wonderful promises he has made to us – and will keep – for the future.

God’s fingerprints are everywhere, all around us, every day. Let’s take time to look for them – and to praise him!

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