Matt Parker


I am passionate about seeing the lives of vulnerable children and marginalized people groups transformed, struggling families strengthened, and whole communities raised out of poverty and given hope in the name of Jesus Christ.
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My blog contains stories of hope from around the world, along with my thoughts about leadership and other reflections.

Latest Posts

Our tears will be dried

As followers of Christ, we live in a place of tension. We experience it every day. On one hand, we live in a world where there is profound brokenness – a world where sickness, death, hunger, anger, greed, and betrayal confront us every day. There are times when we have each encountered a growing senseContinue reading “Our tears will be dried”

Lessons learned on the lake

(Based on Mark 6:45-52) “Just whose idea was this anyway?” John sat back for a moment, raising the oars out of the water as another large wave crashed against the boat. “Just keep rowing,” snapped Peter. “Every time you stop for a breather, the wind pushes us back towards where we came from!” “I stillContinue reading “Lessons learned on the lake”

Where is God when life is painful?

We live in an uncertain, volatile, and fragile world. Pain and suffering is rampant. These times may cause us to cry out, “Where are you, God?”

Finding rest

Do not fret over those wrongs done to you by others. Let go of that lingering anger and resentment. Release your pain and hurt to the Holy One, for you can fully trust Him. True safety, and healing, is found in His presence. Choose to do what is right. Delight yourself in the Lord, andContinue reading “Finding rest”

Pray for Lebanon as disaster looms

Decades of mismanagement, corruption and overspending have left Lebanon on the brink of disaster. The future looks bleak – and it is heartbreaking to witness.

Seek Justice

This world is not how God intended it to be. We are called to respond to the injustices around us. But where do we even start?

Good leaders ask great questions!

One important leadership skill I have learned is asking questions. This also involves developing the key skills of listening, evaluating, responding – and then possibly asking even more questions! In his book “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”, John Maxwell says: “If you lead a team, start asking questions and really listening. Start valuing the contributionsContinue reading “Good leaders ask great questions!”

God sets the lonely in families

“God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6). Orphanages and children’s homes are not the solution for the world’s orphan crisis. On the surface, this may appear to be an odd statement coming from someone who has, for a quarter of a century, worked with organizations that have run children’s homes for orphans and vulnerableContinue reading “God sets the lonely in families”


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